Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Keynote Talk: Implications of Textuality

Professor Timothy Morton read the philosophy of Jacques Derrida alongside quantum mechanics, and modeled for the audience how poems by William Wordsworth and Gerald Manley Hopkins work.

Implications of Textuality

Friday, April 30, 2010

Schedule Update

Please note: The location for the poetry reading with Gary Young has moved to the Cowell Senior Commons Room.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


May 6

1:30-2:45pm: Roundtable Discussion on "Poetry as a Profession" with Rob Wilson (Professor of Literature, UCSC), Juliana Leslie (Literature, UCSC), Ariel Fintushel (Creative Writing, SF State) in the Cowell Conference Room

6:30-7:45pm: Poetry Reading by Ariel Fintushel and Gary Young at Cowell Senior Commons Room

8pm: Dinner with Timothy Morton; participants RSVP to be included

May 7

Panels consist of 15-minute talks, followed by a 15-minute formal response by a UCSC faculty member.

9:30am greeting/registration/coffee

9:45am official welcome/introduction

10:15am-11:45pm: PANEL 1: How Poems Work in Theory: Presence, Performance, Practice

Jamie North, St. Mary’s: “The Poetic Touch: Linguistic and Bodily Signification in Robert Hass’s ‘Meditation at Lagunitas’”

Adrian Acu, Berkeley: “The Poetics of Zukofsky’s Bottom: Particularity and Potential”

Jenny Hubbard, UCSC: “Poetic Work, or The Impossibility of Retraction”

Faculty respondent: H. Marshall Leicester

Noon: Lunch Break

1-2:15pm: Keynote talk by Timothy Morton: "Implications of Textuality"

2:30-4pm: PANEL 2: How Poems Work in Context: Translation, History, Environment

Ariane Helou, UCSC: “Lovers in the Trees: Propertius I.18”

Stephanie Schmidt, Stanford: “Cantares mexicanos”

Lucy Alford, Stanford: “Poetic Attention in the Waste Lands of Celan and McCarthy:Engfuhrung and The Road”

Jarrell D. Wright, University of Pittsburgh: "Recreation and Re-creation in 'The Altar': The History of a Form, and a Form of Meaning"

Faculty Respondent: Wlad Godzich

4-5:30pm: PANEL 3: Changing the Poetic Subject

Ruth Osorio, SF State: “Unraveling the Abortion Spectacle: Gwendolyn Brooks, ‘the mother,’ and the Dialectical Power of Poetry”

Lisa Turner, SF State: “M. Nourbese Philip’s Zong!: ‘Caribbean postmodern language poetry’ as Testimony to Colonial Violence”

Gabrielle Myers, St. Mary’s: “’L. Riding Jackson’s ‘Nothing So Far,’: Before the Being of Ourselves Began'"

Faculty Respondent: Carla Freccero

6-8pm: Reception at the Cowell Senior Commons Room